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SCORE has been comprehensively researched, clearly articulated, and pragmatically illustrated. Our practitioner-oriented approach to deliver this content includes a blend of the Coach Wooden’s maxims and how he lived them, Andy’s relationship with and reflections about Coach, traditional and contemporary research across multiple academic disciplines, business case studies and best practices, and Bill's corporate experience.

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The SCORE Principles include:



1.      The team with the best players almost always wins 

2.      Surround yourself with strong, opinionated people

3.      Balance is everything

4.      Teamwork is not a preference; it’s a necessity

Cultivating Culture

5.      Fairness is giving all people the treatment they earn and deserve

6.      Make your "yes" mean yes

7.      Be quick, but don't hurry

8.      The team with the most mistakes...Wins!

9.      Rules are made to be followed, not broken

Organizing and Planning

10.   Keep it simple

11.   Concentrate on your team, not the opposition

12.   Adjust to your players - Don't expect them to adjust to you

13.   Failing to prepare is preparing to fail

14.   Practice doesn't make perfect; only perfect practice makes perfect


Reinforcing Desirable Behavior

15.   Focus on effort, not winning

16.   Seek consistency - avoid peaks and valleys

17.   Great leaders give credit to others, but accept the blame themselves

Engaging Your Team

18.   A good leader is first, and foremost, a teacher

19.   A great leader cannot worry about being liked

20.   Be honest, direct, and willing to risk it all for your beliefs

21. Game time is when the coach's job is almost over   

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