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Transforming the way you lead your team.

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Elevate your leadership and team-building skills with our tailored training services designed for business leaders. Whether you're a supervisor, manager, business owner, human resources professional, or an ambitious executive on the fast track, our programs are crafted for individuals like you.


WilLiam Kane

William S. Kane is a faculty member at The School of Management and Labor Relations at Rutgers University. When not in the classroom, Bill consults with corporate leaders worldwide to help plan, align, and execute the people strategies associated with profitable business transformations. 

bill kane presenting

"Andy Hill and Bill Kane provide powerful insights into the true development of a leader.  Andy's personal story of Coach John Wooden's unparalled success as history's most successful coach adds dimensions that touch critical issues about the human need for direction, connection, and meaningful purpose - core aspects of leadership. Bill's ability to frame Coach Wooden's pedagogic genius in terms of  organizational development  and practical principles offers attendees a way to take action and lead -- quickly, without hurrying. I now have an enduring understanding of what it takes to be a leader in the best way possible - the Wooden Way. Thank you, Andy and Bill!"

Kim Callis
General Mills, Inc.
Manager, Health/Safety/Environment - Sustainable Systems

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